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Home Inspections on Newly Built Homes

Congratulations, you’ve just bought your new home! Sometimes due to the complexity of new home construction, mistakes occur. You are entitled to a Pre-Delivery Inspection plus a 30 Day and Year End Inspection administered by Tarion. However, the responsibility lies with the home owner to report possible defects prior to the expiration of the warranty. Also, Radon remediation is now covered by your Tarion warranty. We visually inspect and photograph potential problems with:

  • Electrical Systems
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Roofing Systems
  • Heating / Cooling
  • Foundation / Grading
  • Interior / Exterior Finishes

For new home inspections you need the services of a qualified New Construction Inspector to help reduce risk and to protect your investment. The sooner problems are identified the easier it is to have them resolved to your satisfaction.

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“We hired Andy for our Year End inspection where he guided us through the report process. Several defects were identified and reported on the Tarion forms and submitted, which were then promptly addressed by the builder. Invaluable, saved us time and headaches!”

Sheryl B.

Newmarket, Ontario

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