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The Home Reference Book by Carson Dunlop is considered the most concise and comprehensive reference guide available for home inspections and your home’s evaluation. It includes:

  • Over 400 pages of informative and easy to use information about your home
  • Over 150 illustrations
  • 9 pages of detailed report forms (PDF files available upon request)
  • 16 chapters of easy to understand homeowner information
  • $100 value FREE with your home inspection

It provides a simple explanation of various house systems, how the components work and how they may wear out or fail. Life expectancy of components, maintenance and estimates of replacement are also included. The Home Reference Book is the definitive guide to help you operate and maintain your home effectively, and is FREE with your inspection.

Home inspection reference book Toronto - Home Inspection Report

“This was our first house and we were nervous. A friend recommended Andy and he walked us through the home inspection, explaining in everyday terms all the different components. The education was invaluable, it put us at ease. We’re very happy with our home.”

Heather W.

Toronto, Ontario

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